About Us

Edjuvo has been started with an idea to create an innovative and interactive one stop solution for all the problems of students in this competitive environment that too at affordable price. We strongly believe that education is for all and no one should be deprived of it. So we came up with this platform to give a level playing field to all. We provide affordable access to exceptional online and distance education.
It is an AI based intelligent learning system which observes, realizes and satisfies the needs of every student, preparing for various competitive exams, at every step by analyzing their results and interacting with them virtually and provides real time analysis to evaluate their performance with peers.


Our mission is to Engage, Empower, Inspire and Educate; Everyday, Everywhere, Everyone.


Our vision is to create an Intelligent Platform which will re-imagine and redefine learning to enact positive change and improve process of learning.


  • Cultivate We try to provide prompt service and counsel, fostering a partnership with each student. We help students become a part of the Edjuvo community.
  • ExcellenceWe focus our efforts on areas of greatest strength and opportunity.
  • Innovate We work together to generate and share ideas, make continuous improvements, learn from our failures, and celebrate our successes.
  • Curious – We are eager to learn, confident about sharing our knowledge, and welcome opportunities to broaden our understanding of areas inside and outside of our areas of expertise.
  • Communicate We seek to understand others’ perspectives, articulate our thinking and decision-making processes, treats people with respect, and maintain professionalism.
  • Service We invest in the success of Edjuvo by seeking what is best for our students, supporting our colleagues, and building on their contributions to our mission of teaching and engagement.
  • Engagement We cultivate an environment of inclusiveness, tolerance, professionalism, and mutual understanding.
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