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  • The President’s speech essentially highlights the policy priorities of the government and the plans for the coming year. It is prepared by the Cabinet, and provides a comprehensive framework of government agenda and direction.
  • The address of President Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji on June 20, 2019 was an observation of the forthcoming tenure of Narendra Modi 2.0.
  • He congratulated the voters for his unprecedented contribution, praised the Election Commission for successfully completing the world’s largest elections and showed his joy that People of every age, hailing from villages and cities, belonging to every profession, are members of both the Houses.
  • He said that in this election, the people of the country have given strong support for the second time, after the assessment of the first tenure of the government. By doing so, the people of the country have given a mandate to keep the Vikas Yatra going on smooth, and to move forward at a faster pace.
  • President Ramnath Kovind presented the central government agenda in his address in the joint session of Parliament, seeking cooperation from all the parties to eliminate mischief like three divorces and halalas.
  • The President said the Modi Government 2.0 dedicated to the poor, the farmers and the soldiers, that till 75 years of independence, we will achieve new standards of development. He said, “The people of the country had to wait for the basic facilities for a long time, but now the conditions are changing. The government has to free the public from the situation of pressure, influence or lack of it. He also put the country in front of the target of incorporating the country in the three largest economies of the world.
  • President Ramnath Kovind said, “This new India will move towards the ideal India of Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore, where people’s mind is fearless and soul is respected. All the systems on this path of new India will be transparent and the reputation of honest people will increase. In the same perspective, within 21 days, my government has made good decisions for the farmers and the youth. “

Government plans for upcoming years

Focus on Farmers and Shoppers

The President said that my government has extended the scope of Kisan Samman Yojana to all farmers. The pension scheme related to farmers has also been approved. For the first time a government has also taken note of the economic security of small shopkeepers. For this, different pension plans have been approved. It will benefit from 30 million small shopkeepers in the country.

Focus of Modi 2.0 will be on water to every house

Ramnath Kovind said, “Water crisis is one of the increasing challenges. Due to the disappearance of water resources, water crisis has increased for the poor. Due to global warming, this crisis is likely to increase in the coming time. We have to save water for our children. For this, the formation of the Water Supply Ministry is a far-reaching step. Through this water conservation measures will be made more effective. Through village councils and Sarpanches, it is being ensured that the shortage of drinking water can be overcome. Every house can get clean water.

25 lakh crore investment in farming

Referring to the Modi Government’s focus on the farmers, the President said that more than Rs 25 lakh crore would be invested to increase the productivity of agriculture sector. Various steps have been taken in the last 5 years for the income of the farmers to double by 2022. There are many important decisions like Irrigation Project, Soil Health Card, Urea Neem Coating and MSP.

Development of poor under the Antyodaya of Deendayal Upadhyay

The President talked about the development of the poor under the Antyodaya of Sangh Parivar and BJP’s thinker Deendayal Upadhyay. He said that arrangements for housing, health and education are being arranged for the poor under the thought of Antyodaya. The largest financial inclusion in the world was done through the Janhana Yojna. Now efforts are being made to simplify banking services across the country. Work is being taken for the development of 112 backward districts of the country.

Three Divorce and Unmarried Support Against Halala

The President said that this time women have come to choose the most women. It is our goal to give a respectable life to sisters and daughters and to make them a partner in the development of the country. He also clarified the agenda on the three divorces of the Modi government and the non-party Hola and demanded cooperation from the opposition parties. The President said, the eradication of maladaptations like ‘Nirodh Halala’ and ‘Three Divorce’ is essential. Cooperate in an effort to improve the lives of sisters and daughters. ‘

Kaveri, Periyar, Yamuna will also be clean after Ganga

The President said that along with the diversion of the Ganges stream, our government will pay attention to cleaning the rivers like Kaveri, Periyar, Godavari and Yamuna. He said that the ban on falling of drains in the Ganges under the Namami Ganga Yojna will be made more effective.

Action against black money will increase

The president talked about speeding up the campaign against Blackmoney in the days to come. He said that so far registration of 3.50 fake companies was canceled. More than 4 lakh directors got action 146 countries are getting information about black money. We are getting information from people collecting black money abroad. Rare’s influence is now seen in the real estate sector. Under the Insolvency and Bankers Code, Rs 3 lakh crore rupees were stuck in banks. Laws against fugitives have been made.

Top of the top 50 will be included in Isle of Doing Business

The President talked about easing the situation in India in the field of business. He said that we are working to improve the economy at large scale. He said, ‘It is our goal to be in the top 50 countries in Isle of Downing Business. With the improvement in the tax system, the emphasis is on simplification. It is the same decision that tax free of income up to Rs 5 lakh. Efforts will also be made to simplify GST. Small traders will also get accident insurance of 10 lakhs.

The President said, India has amply demonstrated both her intent and capabilities.

After the attack of the Pulwama terrorist attack, we have demonstrated our ability. This problem will be dealt with by the National Register of Citizens in the areas battling infiltration. Intruders are being identified. Apart from this, the security of the victims is also being taken into account on the basis of faith. The government is working with integrity to give a safe environment to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist Masud Azhar has been declared a Global Terrorist.

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July 4, 2019

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