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Recently, Japan has introduced the world’s fastest bullet train ‘Alpha-X’, which will be launched in 2030. The ten-packed bullet train’s toppid is 360 kilometers per hour. The most special thing of the train is its 72 feet long pointed nose. Before landing this bullet train on the track, the train will have to go through stringent testing for three years. Along with this, Japan is also working to increase its bullet train network.

Features of the train :

  • This bullet train will be even faster than Fuxing train in China, which runs 10 kmph slower than Alfa-X.
  • The bullet train will be tested between the cities of Sendai and Aomori, which are nearly 280 kilometres apart from each other. Test runs will take place after midnight and will occur twice a week.
  • Alfa-X train is packed with the latest technological features like – vibration sensors, temperature sensors – and its distinct 72 ft long aerodynamic nose is dramatically elongated to minimise noise and pressure when passing through tunnels. ALFA-X also features sensors to reduce the impact of possible earthquake tremors. The train’s 10 electric cars are manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi.
  • According to rail officials, ALFA-X will also be tested with a 52 ft nose as well as the prototype’s 72 feet nose, in a bid to determine which will offer the fastest and least noisy journey to the passengers on the board.
  • ALFA-X will be a successor of Shinkansen N700S, which began its tests around a year ago. Shinkansen N700S is expected to start operations in 2020 and has a maximum speed of around 300 kph.
  • However, no matter what speeds ALFA-X achieves during its test runs, it won’t be able to smash the record of Japan Railway’s magnetic levitation (maglev) train which touched the speed of 603 kmph on an experimental track in 2015.


Source :

Business Today 

May 17, 2019

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