Quiz # 14



#1 Who among the following attended all the Three Round Table Conferences?

B.R. Ambedkar and Tej Bahadur Sapru took part in all the three round table conferences. Mahatma Gandhi took part in Second Round Table Conference.

#2 Who was the first Governor General was of free India?

Upon independence in August 1947, the title of Viceroy was abolished. The representative of the British Sovereign became known once again as the GovernorGeneral. C. Rajagopalachari became the only Indian GovernorGeneral.

#3 Which of the following is known as the soul of the Constitution?

Ambedkar called Article 32 of the Indian Constitution i.e. Right to Constitutional remedies as ‘the heart and soul of the Constitution‘. It was made so because mere declaration of the fundamental right without an effective machinery for enforcement of the fundamental rights would have been meaningless.

#4 Which of the following is known as the conscience of the Constitution?

Article 32 is also called citizens right to protect and defend the constitution as it can be used by the citizens to enforce the constitution through the judiciary. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar rightly declared Right to constitutional remedies as “the heart and soul” of Indian constitution.

#5 The famous physician, Jivaka was associated with the court of__________.

Likewise, Jivakathe famous physician of Bimbisara who cured the Buddha, learnt the science of medicine under a far-famed teacher at Takshashila and on his return was appointed courtphysician at Magadha.

January 2, 2020

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