July 15, 2019



#1 Who has been appointed as MD & CFO of the World Bank (WB)?

Anshula Kant, Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI), has been appointed as MD and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the World Bank (WB). She will be responsible for financial and risk management of the organisation. Her work will include oversight of financial reporting, risk management, and working closely with the World Bank CEO on the mobilization of the International Development Association (IDA) and other financial resources. 

#2 Anthony Amalraj is associated to which sports?

In Table Tennis, the Indian pair of G. Sathiyan and Anthony Amalraj won the bronze at the 2019 World Tour Platinum Australian Open after they went down 12-14, 9-11, 8-11 to top seed Korean pair of Jeoung Youngsiik and Lee Sangsu in Geelong near Melbourne on July 13. This was India’s first ever medal in the Australian Open, which is a Platinum event. 

#3 The first-ever Himalayan states’ conclave is slated to be held in which state?

Uttarakhand will host the first-ever Himalayan states` conclave in Mussoorie on July 28 where the prime focus will be on sustainable development. The conclave will deliberate on the problems faced by Himalayan states. It will be attended by the chief ministers of all Himalayan states – Uttarakhand,Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland, along with administrators a nd specialists. The conclave will discuss methods to protect the Himalayan eco system from global warming, water conservation measures to be adopted besides working out an action plan for sustainable development in the Himalayan region and submitting its draft to Niti Ayog.

#4 Which Indian organization has collaborated with Ministry of Health to conduct largest pan-India oral health survey?

In 2019, the AIIMS Centre for Dental Education and Research will undertake the largest nation

#5 The researchers of which country have found that Electronic cigarettes damage brain stem cells?

The researchers in the United States (US) have found that Electronic Cigarettes (ECs) produce a stress response in brain stem cells. They identified the mechanism underlying EC-induced stem cell toxicity as “Stress-Induced Mitochondrial Hyper-fusion (SIMH) using cultured mouse neural stem cells. The studyshowed that exposure of stem cells to e-liquids, aerosols, or nicotine produces a response that leads to SIMH. Stem cells are present throughout life & become specialized cells with more specific functions, such as brain cells, blood cells, or bone. ECs are nicotine-delivery devices that aerosolized nicotine and flavour chemicals through heating. The high levels of nicotine in ECs lead to a nicotine flooding of special receptors in the neural stem cell membrane. If the nicotine stress persists, SIMH collapses, the neural stem cells get damaged and could eventually die.

July 19, 2019

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