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This scheme has been created for the farmers. Under the scheme, the farmers who use pumps for irrigation will now be made a solar powered pump.

About the plan

  • Kisan Urja Suraksha Evan Uthaan Mahaabhiyaan (Kusum). Under the scheme, till 2022, three crore pumps in the country will be run by solar power instead of electricity or diesel.
  • In the first phase of the scheme, 17.5 lakh irrigation pumps running from diesel will be run by solar energy. This scheme will give double benefit to the farmers.
  • In addition to getting electricity for free irrigation, the farmers will make extra electricity and send it to the grid and the farmers will also get the price.
  • This plan will generate 28 thousand MW of additional electricity.

Diesel pumps will be replaced in the first phase of KUSUM

  • In the first phase of the Kusum scheme, only the irrigation pump of the farmers will be included, which is currently running from the diesel. According to an estimate of the government, arrangements will be made to run such a 17.5 lakh irrigation pump with solar energy. This will help in the consumption of diesel and the import of crude oil.
  • Kusum is a long-term ambitious scheme, for the purpose of promoting the target solar pump and solar products, an initial budget of Rs 50 thousand crore has been allocated.

What is the government’s preparation for the Kusum scheme?

  • Under the Kusum scheme, by the year 2022, there is an attempt to run three crore irrigation pumps in the country with electricity from solar power instead of electricity or diesel. According to the budget set by the government, a total cost of Rs 1.40 lakh crore will be incurred on Kusum Yojana.
  • Out of the total expenditure on Kusum scheme, the central government will contribute Rs 48 thousand crore, while the same amount will be given by the state government. Under the Kusum scheme, farmers will have to bear only 10 per cent of the total cost of solar pump. About Rs 45,000 crore will be made for the Kusum scheme through bank loan.

Purpose of Kusum Yojana

  • In India, farmers have to face many problems in irrigation and due to excessive or low rainfall, farmers’ crops are damaged. Through the Kusum scheme of the Central Government, farmers can irrigate their fields by installing solar power equipment and pumps in their land.
  • With the help of Kusum Yojana, farmers can use solar power on their land for the cultivation of electricity. Uninterrupted power supply can be started in the country’s village by electricity generated on the farmer’s land.

Benefits of Kusum Yojana

  • The Kusum Yojana of the Central Government will benefit the farmers in two ways. One, they will get free electricity for irrigation and second if they make extra electricity and send them to the grid, they will earn them instead.
  • If a farmer has a barren land, then he can use it for solar energy production. It will also earn them from barren land.
  • Farmer Irrigation Pumps will be run in solar power and will be promoted in the cultivation of farmers.
  • This will reduce the consumption of diesel and generate additional electricity of 28 thousand MW.

Target of Kusum Yojana

  • Under the Kusum scheme, the central government is giving 27.5 lakh solar pumps free of cost in the first phase.
  • In the areas where there is no electricity grid, 17.5 lakh solar pump sets will be given to the farmers under Kusum Yojana. Besides, in places where there is a power grid, farmers will be given 10 lakh pump sets.
  • The government believes that if solar energy is being used in all the irrigation pumps of the country, not only will electricity be saved, but it will also be possible to produce 28 thousand MW of additional power.
  • In the next phase of Kusum Yojana, the government will allow farmers to make solar energy by putting solar panels on top of their fields or in the fields of fields. Under this scheme, 10,000 MW Solar Energy Plant will be installed on the waste land of the farmers.

Key points of Kusum Yojana

  • To set up solar power equipment, farmers will have to pay only 10% amount.
  • The central government will provide the subsidy amount to the bank account to the farmers.
  • Plant for solar energy will be installed on waste land.
  • In the Kusum scheme, the bank will give 30% of the loan to the farmers as loan.
  • Government will give 60% of the total cost of solar pump as subsidy to the farmers.

Source :

Economics Times 

July 26, 2019

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