Quiz # 14



#1 Lenz’s law is a consequence of the law of conservation of-

Lenz’s law deduced by German physicist Heinrich Friedrich Lenz which gives the polarity of the induced EMF in a clear and concise fashion. Lenz law is consequence of the law of conservation of energy. According to Lenz law, the polarity of the induced emf is such that it opposes the change in magnetic flux responsible for its production. 

#2 A magnetic field can be produced by-

Magnetic field is produced both by a moving charge and change in electric field

#3 The unit of electrical resistance of a conductor is-

Ohm is the SI unit of electrical resistance. 1 ohm is define as the resistance of a conductor when a potential difference of 1 volt is applied to its ends when a current of 1 ampere flows through it

#4 How many units of electricity will be consumed if you use a 60 watt electric bulb for 5 hours everyday for 30 days?

Unit of electric energy is kilowatt hour (k W h), hence the unit consumed during usage of electric bulb will be 60W * 5 hour *30 days = 9000W hour = 9KWh = 9 Unit.

#5 Electric conduction in a semiconductor takes place due to-

The cause of electrical conduction in semiconductors is due to the movement of the holes in the valence band and the movement of the electrons in the conduction band.

August 22, 2019

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