Quiz # 16



#1 The first Indian Hindi Scholar of the Mughal period was?

Malik Muhammad Jayasi was the first Indian Hindi Scholar.

#2 The Upanishads were translated by Dara Shikoh in Persian under the title of?

So’aal o Jawaab bain-e-Laal Daas wa Dara Shikoh (also called Mukaalama-i Baba Laal Daas wa Dara Shikoh) Sirr-e-Akbar (The Great Secret, his translation of the Upanishads in PersianPersian translations of the Yoga Vasishta and Bhagavad Gita.

#3 After the death of Rajaram in 1700 A.D., Marathas continued the war against the Mughals under his brave wife?

After the death of Rajaram (1700 A.D) Marathas continued the war against the Mughals under the leadership of Tarabai (Garurdion of Shivaji-II). when bajirao came to power , the mughal empire was much weakened . the credit to the weakening of the mughals goes not to bajirao but to his predecessors like shivaji , shivaji’s son sambhaji , shivaji’s second son rajaram and later rajaram’s wife tarabai—also to generals like santaji and dhanaji who fought for rajaram .

#4 Which Sikh Guru called himself the ‘Sachcha Badshah’?

Guru Hargobind Singh proclaimed himself as Sacha Badshah. He was the sixthguru of the Sikh community.

#5 Coronation of Shivaji took place in?

Hence the need of coronation arose. The coronation took placeon 13th day (trayodashi) of the first fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha, 6th June, 1674 at Raigad Fort.

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