Quiz # 17



#1 For high frequencies, capacitor acts as _________

Capacitive impedance is inversely proportional to frequency. Hence at very high frequencies, the impedance is almost equal to zero, hence it acts as a short circuit and there is no voltage across it.

#2 Capacitance increases with ________

Capacitance is directly proportional to plate area. Hence as the plate area increases, the capacitance also increases.

#3 The areas of the two subsequent sizes of drawing sheet are in the ratio ____

A successive format size (from A0 to A5) is obtained by halving along the length or doubling along the width. So, the areas of the two subsequent sizes are in the ratio 1:2. Likewise in reverse order (from A5 to A0), the ratio will be 2:1.

#4 Which of the following properties is not possible in case of X-rays?

Due to high penetrating power, the properties of interference, diffraction and polarization are not possible in X-ray.

#5 If alpha, beta and gamma rays carry same momentum, which has the longest wavelength?

When alpha, beta and gamma rays carry same momentum, then all have same wavelength as
λ = h/P
where λ = wavelength, P = momentum and h = Plank’s constant (= 6.62 × 10^(-34) Js)

September 19, 2019

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