Quiz # 19



#1 A body has a mass of 6 kg on the Earth; when measured on the Moon, its mass would be

Mass of an object does not change when an objects location changes. It is the weight of the body (w = mg) which changes with value of ‘g’ at that place.

#2 When you pull out the plug connected to an electrical appliance, you often observe a spark. To which property of the appliance is this related?

Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an electrical charge. Any object that can be electrically charged exhibits capacitance. A common form of energy storage device is a parallel-plate capacitor.  

#3 In step-down transformer, the AC output gives the

#4 A rectifier is an electronic device used to convert

A rectifier is used to convert AC voltage into DC voltage and invertor converts DC voltage into AC voltage. 

#5 Magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational forces come under the category of

All of these forces doesn’t need any physical contact to exist hence, non-contact forces.

September 19, 2019

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