Quiz # 20



#1 Extension lines should start from which part of the drawing?

Extension lines should start immediately away from the outlines.

#2 A point is in 2nd quadrant 20 units away from the horizontal plane and 10 units away from the vertical plane. Orthographic projection is drawn. What is the distance from point of front view to reference line, top view point to reference line?

Given object is point placed in 2nd quadrant the top view gives the distance from vertical plane (10) and front view gives the distance from horizontal plane (20) both are placed overlapped in orthographic projection since the object is placed in the 2nd quadrant.

#3 A current of 5A flows in a resistor of 2 ohms. Calculate the power in the resistor and the energy dissipated in 300 seconds.

P=I2R =52*2=50W.
E= Pt=50*300=15000J=15kJ.

#4 Kilowatt-hour(kWh) is a unit of?

Power is the energy per unit time. That is, P=E/t. If the unit of power in kW and the unit of time is an hour, then the unit of energy=unit of power*unit of time=kWh.

#5 Which of the following statements are true about resistance?

The expression for resistance is: Resistance=Resistivity*length of wire/ area of cross section of the wire. Hence resistance is directly proportional to length.

December 26, 2019

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