Quiz # 22



#1 A liquid drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of

The liquid surface always acquires minium surface area due to surface tension so, the small droplet of any liquid is always spherical. 

#2 A car is moving on a circular path and takes a turn. If R₁ and R₂ be the reaction on the inner and outer wheels respectively, then

It has been calculated in i.e.,
R₁ = mg/2 (1-(v^2 h)/rga),
And R₂ =mg/2 (1+(v^2 h)/rga), so R₁ < R₂ 

#3 Meson was discovered by

Predicted theoretically in 1935 by the Japanese physicist Yukawa Hideki, the existence of mesons was confirmed in 1947 by a team led by the English physicist Cecil Frank Powell with the discovery of the pi-meson (pion) in cosmic-ray particle interactions.

#4 Natural radioactivity was discovered by

Natural radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel in 1896 by using naturally fluorescent minerals to study properties of X-rays. 

#5 Which of the following is not scalar quantity?

Momentum is a vector quantity. A vector quantity possesses both a magnitude and direction.



December 26, 2019

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