Quiz # 30



#1 Who was the founder of Atmiya sabha?

Atmiya Sabha. Atmiya Sabha was a philosophical discussion circle in India. The association was started by Ram Mohan Roy in 1815 in Kolkata (then Calcutta).

#2 The Ryotwari settlement was introduced by the British in the—

Ryotwari System was introduced by Thomas Munro in 1820. Major areas of introduction include Madras, Bombay, parts of Assam and Coorgh provinces of British India. In Ryotwari System the ownership rights were handed over to the peasants. British Government collected taxes directly from the peasants.

#3 Commissioners for the Affairs of India were known as-

The Right Honourable Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (commonly known as the India Board or the Board of Control) was an arm of the Government of the United Kingdom responsible for managing the Government’s interest in British India and the East India Company between 1784 and 1858.

#4 The first Famine Commission was constituted under

First Famine Commission

It was set up in 1878 under the Chairmanship of Sir Richard Strachey. The commission recommended state interference in food trade in the event of famine. India witnessed another major famine in 1896-97.

#5 Who among the following had repealed the Vernacular Press Act?

The law was repealed in 1881 by Lytton’s successor as viceroy, Lord Ripon (governed 1880–84). However, the resentment it produced among Indians became one of the catalysts giving rise to India’s growing independence movement.

September 20, 2019

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