Quiz # 35



#1 The second Battle of Panipat was fought between Hemu and?

The Second Battle of Panipat was fought between the forces of Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, popularly calledHemu, the Hindu king who was ruling North India from Delhi, and the army of Akbar, on November 5, 1556. It was a decisive victory for Akbar’s generals Khan Zaman I and Bairam Khan.

#2 Udai Singh was ruler of –

Udai Singh II (4 August 1522 – 28 February 1572) was the Maharana of Mewar and the founder of the city of Udaipur in the present day Rajasthan state of India. He was the 53rd ruler of the Mewar dynasty.

#3 During the Mughal period, Polaj was the –

Polaj was the ideal and best type of land throughout the empire. This land was cultivated always and was never allowed to lie fallow.

#4 Who is the founder of the concept “Sarvodaya”?

Sarvodaya is a term meaning ‘Universal Uplift’ or ‘Progress of All’. The term was first coined by Mohandas Gandhi as the title of his 1908 translation of John Ruskin’s tract on political economy, “Unto This Last”, and Gandhi came to use the term for the ideal of his own political philosophy.

#5 Who was the founder of Swatantra Party?

The Swatantra Party was an Indian classical liberal political party that existed from 1959 to 1974. It was founded by C. Rajagopalachari in reaction to what he felt was the Jawaharlal Nehru-dominated Indian National Congress’s increasingly socialist and statist outlook.

January 2, 2020

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